Liliya Vlasova detained on 31 August 2020

On 31 August 2020, the Department of Financial Investigations of the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus detained Liliya Vlasova, an international mediator, prominent Belarusian lawyer.

On 19 August 2020, Liliya Vlasova was elected as a member of the Presidium of the Coordinating Council, a representative body created by the Belarusian public following the results of voting in the presidential election of the Republic of Belarus on 9 August 2020.

Liliya Vlasova

Liliya Vlasova has been detained only because she fulfilled her professional duty — she advocated dialogue in Belarusian society and resolution of the difficult political situation in the country. She is a mediator, a person who helps establish negotiations and build understanding between the parties.

How does a woman feel in a prison cell when she is accused of absurd crimes that she did not commit, when she is blackmailed and threatened with freedom of her son and destruction of his business? How does the mother, wife and grandmother feel? Pain, defencelessness, helplessness, fear, despair? Liliya Vlasova feels our solidarity and our support. Not everything that the state wants Belarusians to feel every day. Today is Liliya Vlasova, tomorrow is any of us. That is why it affects everyone. By protecting Liliya Vlasova, we defend freedom for ourselves, our friends, our country and the future of our children!

We demand the immediate release of Liliya Vlasova!


09.09.2020 Lilia Vlasova has been officially charged. She remains in custody at Detention Centre SIZO No 1.

07.09.2020 11 Belarusian human rights organizations in a joint statement recognized Liliya Vlasova, Alexander Vasilevich, Yuliya Shardyko, Dmitry Rabtsevich, Viktor Kuushinov and Vladislav Miholap as political prisoners.

04.09.2020 More than 4,500 people have signed a petition to release Liliya Vlasova from custody.

03.09.2020 Employees of the FID SCC have arrested and described the property in the house of Lilia Vlasova.

03.09.2020 After 72 hours, a measure of restraint — detention — was chosen for Liliya Vlasova. She was brought to the Detention Centre on Volodarskogo Street.

02.09.2020 Director of Merlintour — Svetlana Nagornaya released from custody.

02.09.2020 The HARBACEVIČ telegram channel reported that a criminal case has been initiated against Liliya Vlasova under Article 243 of the Criminal Code. 2 (tax evasion). The case also involves the son of Boris Vlasov (co-founder of Merlintour) and the director of Merlintour, Svetlana Nagornaya. The amount of «damage» is ≈ 614 thousand roubles (approximately 200.000 euro).

01.09.2020 Colleagues and relatives of Liliya Vlasova published a petition for her release.

31.08.2020 Pavel Latushko has published appeal regarding the detention of Lilia Vlasova.

31.08.2020 The Coordination Council has issued a statement in connection with the arrest of Lilia Vlasova.

31.08.2020 The house of Lilia Vlasova was searched.

31.08.2020 The Financial Investigation Department of the State Control Committee detained Liliya Vlasova.

24.08.2020 The Investigative Committee summoned Lilia Vlasova for questioning as a witness in connection with her participation in the Coordination Council.

20.08.2020 The Investigation Committee has initiated criminal proceedings in connection with the establishment of the opposition council, which is being investigated by article 361 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (appeals to actions aimed at damaging national security).

19.08.2020 Liliya Vlasova elected to the Presidium of the Coordinating Council.

17.08.2020 Liliya Vlasova invited to the Coordinating Council.

How to help and support

  1. Make a donation. Boris Vlasov, son of Lilya Vladimirovna, accepts the donations.
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